Party favours are intertwined with birthday parties. There has been many a parent who has meticulously planned out an epic birthday celebration, complete with activities, tasty finger foods and the most Pinterest worthy of decorations only to be flummoxed at the last minute with what to give your pint sized party guests to take away with them.

Especially if you are planning a large party, the cost of favours can easily add up and take you way over budget. Read over our part fair suggestions culled from our crack team of mums and dads that have years of planning experience and still have a hold on their sanity!

Repurpose party items!

Take a careful look at the other items that you are using for the party and see if you can repurpose any of them as takeaways for the end of the party. Great examples of double duty items are decorations and craft activities

Decorations: Plan out decorations to be you party favours; If you are hosting a tweens or teens tea party clusters of small terracotta flower pots containing a pretty flower such as marigolds or California poppies make the perfect centrepieces and can be given to the attendees when they leave. Make the gift extra special by adding a personalised plant stake to each pot, or even hand painting names onto the pots.

Craft activities: Making an activity the take away from the party is an ideal option because it effectively combines two aspects of the party, allowing you to spend a little bit more while saving money at the same time. For a dino-themed party, a dino dig is sure to get playful palaeontologists raring to go with party guests getting to dig to uncover dinosaurs they can then keep. Watch the video below for a tutorial on DIY’ing this party activity.

Know where to look

Taking a cursory look at a toy shop either online or in person can seem a bit overwhelming and expensive when it comes to looking for favours. Your instinct might be to sort items by price or hit up the ‘under £10 section’ of a website, but even favours the come in under the £5 mark will quickly add up if you are button more than a handful. inkstand look for ‘Pocket Money’ sections of toy shops and websites, here you will find items that are much more budget friendly and you may even be able to buy multiple of the same items in bulk. Bookmarking discount sites and looking for deals on them before purchasing any items can be a great money saver, for my 5 year old last party I found Groupon deal’s to save big on party favours.

Do a swap instead

For the ultimate in no cost favours consider a toy or book swap as an alternative to party favours. On the invitation let people know that intend of gifts for the birthday child every should bring a book that another partygoer will take home with them. This is ideal when you really don’t need any more toys for your child cluttering up the house and also teaches children that giving is just as much fun as receiving.

We hope this has taken some of the stress out of the party favour part of party planning! Let us know if you have any good ideas for keeping this party of party planning under budget

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