Do you remember climbing trees, building dens and only needing to come back inside when the streetlight came on? Exploring the world around us is vital to personal development 

With the huge wealth of technology available to us it is important that we remember the benefit of going outside and getting our hand dirty. Too much screen time can be harmful but it is addictive and prying little ones away from this interactive device can often prove difficult. Give them a great incentive to go outside with some amazing toys to kick start imagination and their adventures in the great outdoors.

Tents and playhouses

Give Imagination a setting. Pop up tents can be the perfect way to get a story started. Combine a variety of popup tents with crawl tunnels to create an exciting obstacle course installation on your front lawn. For a birthday party why not fill different tents with different activities to keep everyone engaged? Camping is a great family activity and you can develop an interest early by helping your child or providing them with the materials to create their very own tent shelter. Old Sheets, blankets and rugs can very quickly become a world class hideaway when draped over a clothesline or propped up by a branch or bunch of cardboard boxes. Binder clips, clothes pegs and some strong cord all make excellent accessories for creation! Not only is it fun, it is also a great DIY gift idea for the adventuring child in your life, simply head to a local thrift store to get affordable sheets and towels and place them inside a duffel bag along with other fort making items.

Games to keep active

Being outdoors and keeping active go hand in hand, encourage healthy activity by looking for toys that inspire kids to move around! Bikes, trikes, scooters, roller blades and skateboards not only help develop balance and coordination but a feeling of self-confidence and independence that comes with being able to get around under your own steam. Bikes are an especially good way for the whole family to stay active. Get a bike for everyone and head out on a family cycling adventure, pack a healthy picnic to kick things off. If you are lucky enough have a large garden consider play equipment such as slides, swing, monkey bars and climbing frames, there is no end to what you can do with these. If your kids need to burn off stem have them watch some American Ninja and then let them loose on the frame!

Nature inspired toys

Don’t forget that in the outside world there are all manner of amazing creatures and concepts to find and study. Set up a child for a career in entomology by gifting them a bug capturing kits that will also them to humanely inspect the insects that they share the garden with. Binoculars and telescopes offer all sorts of amazing opportunities to explore natural phenomena. With the huge wealth of things to do outside it may be easier than you thought to pry kids away from screens!

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