Superheroes are everywhere these days! Comics, movies and their own tv shows so it is no wonder that children are keen to taken on superhero trappings and enter the imaginative world of role-play where they take down evil villains and nasty henchmen with ease. Here are some of our favourite super hero toys that are sure to surprise and delight.

Iron Man hands

Marvel Avengers: Iron Man Arc FX Armour are the ultimate upgrade for your little Iron Man enthusiast. These gauntlets are modelled on the Iron Man suit from Marvel’s Avengers Age of Ultron film. These slip on these repulser gloves to defeat Ultron. One of your gloves is equipped with motion-activated effects that blast evil doers to smithereens. Press the repulser button and lift your arm slowly to charge a blast, and let to go like Tonk Stark. You’ll hear the whoosh and zoom of the beam, even the blast of a successful hit! Do please be aware that only one of the gloves will light up, the second glow is for imaginative play only.

Ride on Batmobile

Bruce Wayne’s alter ego would approve of this miniature version of the Batmobile that can zip along the city streets of Gotham at up to 3mph. This 12v powered Batmobile can ride for 60 minutes on a single charge. Just plug in to charge overnight (8-10 hours). This drivable model is small enough to fit in a car for transport to a local park or recreational area. Needless to say, this is a toy that requires adult supervision but your pint sized batman will love it! Extra parenting brownie points if you manage to rig up a mini version of the Bat Signal too!

Black Panther mask

You too can be the hero from the upcoming action mega-hit Black Panther. This Vibrainium Power FX mask will strike fear into the hearts of enemies. It has two light modes. Touch the ear to activate the dazzling flash mode, press the button again to have the lights on steady for low light conditions. Use the flip down lenses to see in a different way. The Wakandan people look to you as their protector, do not fail them!

Pop vinyl Collectibles

Do you like movies video games, books, Graphic novels, cartoons from the 70’s, wrestling, UFC, Ponies, south Park, or Mr. Bean, and have less that 10cm of space on your desk? Have I got a collective for you.  These small batch produced figurines have fine finish and attention to detail in each design and are perfect for decorating a child’s room or helping an older child kick start their very own collection

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