Puzzles are a great go to option for keeping almost any ages entertained. You can choose from multiple different difficulty levels by carefully selecting the number of pieces in your puzzle and also the picture on it. Challenger yourself with a jigsaw puzzle of baked beans or look for an easier option of a scene the will help inform how you put the puzzle together. Not only are there no shortage of puzzles you can purchase to keep yourself occupied, they are one of the easiest things to make a DIY version of, allowing you to customise to your hearts content. It also makes fro a great family project.

Photo jigsaw

Make it personal by creating a jigsaw from photos that you love. Once you have settled on the right image either print it out onto card or stick it onto a piece of foam core with good quality glue. Once the image has dried you can now plan out what sort of shapes you are going to cut it into. Flip over the image and draw either a series of shapes one it or create your own traditional jigsaw shape design, but beware of making the shapes to complicated because remember, you will have to cut them out!

Ice lolly stick puzzle

A great activity for a rainy day is to create puzzled out of ice lolly sticks, you can purchase craft sticks if you don’t want to go to the hassle of cleaning and reusing actual ice lolly sticks. This type of puzzle is good for toddlers as it docent require fitting pieces together in quite the same way, it is more about getting the order of the sticks correct than anything else, you can also make it easier for small hands by purchasing jumbo lolly pop sticks that wrench wider than the normal kind. With popsicle sticks you have lots of options, our favourite ways of doing this include: Choose a photo or image that you want to use and flip it over. Line up ice lolly sticks the back of the image (for a 6X4 image you will probably need about 16 regular sizes ice lolly sticks). When you have it laid out sellotape the sticks together so you can move it as one piece. Next apply glue to the back of the image and then secure it to the popsicle sicks (not the side with tape). After waiting for it to dry, remove the tape and use a Stanley knife to cut in-between the sticks and trim any excess away. You know have a great personalised puzzle!

If you don’t want to use an image then tape the sticks securely together on side, flip them over and draw or paint a design on the sticks. Once you are happy with how it looks simply remove the tape.

Blank Jigsaws

Should making your own puzzles have become a very popular household activity you may want to investigate make-your-own-puzzle toys. Your can buy blank jigsaw puzzles that are ideal for painting and colouring on while giving you the traditional jigsaw shapes.  So what are you waiting for? Start puzzling!

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