If you have had to pick up a toy for child recently you may have been overwhelmed by the large swathes of blue and pink themed toys. Toys have become increasingly more gendered in the last few years with items that would otherwise be considered unisex being given a much more pointed look to classify them at a ‘girls toy’ or a ‘boys toy’. The reality is that kids are kids and should be able to play with what is of interest to them. When buying toys for children that aren’t your own it can be be even harder to gauge their interests, if you are worried about what to get read on for some out our top tips for presents that are great for girls and boys and a whole variety of interests.


Lego is an ideal go to gift for any child. There is a great variety of lego themes to appeal to large age and interest range.  Stick with their Lego Classic line of products if you are not sure of the child’s interest as this is the most general of all of their products and encouraged the child make whatever appeals to them rather than enforcing them to follow a prescribed build. Open ended investigation of play such as this has been shown to greatly enhance children’s imagination and self confidence. Lego even makes a great gift for older children, the architect range creates beautiful replicas of famous buildings, ideal for the aspiring design buff.


Curling up with a good book is enjoyable no matter your age. Choose a fiction book for the child who loves to make up stories and create characters, or feed a child’s interest with non-fiction books about a subject that they are particularly keen on. Pop up books for young children are a delightfully interactive option that is sure to light up their faces. When gifting books, make it a more meaningful by writing an inscription on the cover. Make of a note of the date or occasion the book was sent for and of course who it was from.  For the voracious little readers in your life, you might want to also consider getting them personalised bookplates that they can add to their collection.

Crafting Toys

Arts and crafts are an ideal choice for the creative soul in your life. Go for something specialised like a stone carving kit, sand art project or even a paint by numbers set to help kick start an artistic project. If your giftee is an established crafter already then you can all consider getting a variety of craft supplies to keep their artwork going. For an extra special gift, purchase them their very own box or best to store all their supplies in.

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